MRB Cutie

MRB Cutie

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MRB Cutie – sensory bag



For children and adults of all ages. Take advantage of your child's natural instinct to learn by playing! ATTENTION – it’s addicting!!



Powered by the laws of physics and imagination! MRB Cutie is a special agent designed to support proper motors skills development, exercise coordination and relieves stress. Take it with you for a new adventure!




Sensory bag is design for playing and exercising fine motor skills. Fine motor skills involve control over the smaller muscles in your baby's hands and feet. Every baby needs to improve its pincer. You can help control its movements by playing with MRB Cutie.


MRB Cutie is a perfect tool to graduate from rolling to throwing. It helps build finger strength, encourages visual tracking, develop reflex and supports hand-eye coordination. MR B line are made of materials of different textures, embroidery and tags, which support the infant in exploring the world around. The newborn learns to associate with objects and respond appropriately to stimuli.


Due to weight (necessary for exercise) MRB Cutie is recommended for children from 1 year old when they may consciously use their hands and wrists to crush, toss or drop a toy. For older children it will be perfect for practising catching and throwing. Just try to lift it up with your foot! During play and exercise, MRB Cutie stimulates sensory receptors, develops motor coordination, broaden the perspective and influences spatial intelligence. For newborns MRB Cutie is a perfect high contrast colours toy for a proper sensory stimulation.


Cutie MRB is perfect for:

- playing,

- tossing,

- crushing,

- target throwing,

- practice catching and throwing


MRB Cutie supports proper sensory integration. It’s a part of SuperToy MRB line. Can be used during rehabilitation exercises.


Due to the filling and weight, we advise you to check the toy before each use and supervise children under 3 years of age.


Size: ~ 10 cm x 7,5 cm

Material: 95% cotton, 5% polyester

Filling: crushed beads

Weight: ~ 147g


Made in Poland

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