MRB sensory cloth book

MRB sensory cloth book

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MRB sensory cloth book



High contrast colour soft book designed for newborns that will entertain your little one in crib, or on daily strolls. Recommended for babies in theirs first six months of life. Small, handle, light and easy to wash make it perfect as the first toy. Unique design, patterns, lightweight and size of a book are calculated for newborns’ needs, motoric and manual skills.

High-contrast colours (such black-red-white) are perfect for early visual stimulation and help visual development. The visual extremes of black, red and white attract and hold baby’s attention.

High colour contrasts of black, white and red stimulate baby’s sight from the first weeks of life positively affecting the development of eye muscles and concentration. Labels and crinkle element helps to develop fingers and motor skills and engage your child to explore the surrounding world and make first conscious grips.


Crinkle foil inside the book helps to stimulate the sense of hearing, affecting its normal development, which is extremely important in the later learning of speaking.

MRB Book stimulates the sense of touch is extremely important in the normal development of the baby. Toys form SuperToy MR B line are made of materials of different textures, embroidery and tags, which support the infant in exploring the world around. The newborn learns to associate with objects and respond appropriately to stimuli.



Made in Poland.

Size unfolded: 30 x 10 cm
Size folded: 10 x 10 cm

Cover: 100% cotton

Antiallergenic filling with a crinkle foil

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